Last Wednesday Semra Sevin, the publisher of NEW Fashion Magazine, photographed Juliane Solmsdorf, taking part at a unique Performance of the  ƒƒ for the Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle Exhibition “To Paint Is To Love Forever”.

At this special evening exhibition at Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, remembered some of the outstanding female painters of the past centuries, presenting their all too often forgotten biographies together with colleagues.

Afterwards, ƒƒ invited all guests to join them for a walk to a nearby art institution to call attention to the insufficient representation of female painters within Berlin’s public collections.

Participants: Caroline Bittermann, Christina Dimitriadis/ƒƒ, Ali Fitzgerald, Marie Letkowski, Antje Majewski/ƒƒ, Katrin Plavcak/ƒƒ, Jen Ray/ƒƒ, Mathilde Rosier, Veronika Schumacher, Christian Schwarzwald, Ulrika Segerberg, Katja Sittig, Juliane Solmsdorf/ƒƒ, Melissa Steckbauer/ƒƒ, Elizabeth Stevens, Magda Tothova/ƒƒ, Marcus Weber, Claudia Zweifel

Organized by Antje Majewski and Katrin Plavcak.

Deutsche Bank KunstHalle

Unter den Linden 13/15

10117 Berlin


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