Today we are interviewing Madison. Madison  is a fashion journalist and stylist. She is also an international fashion blogger who spends much of her time between travelling and doing freelance projects. As a former bespoke men’s tailor with a background in 18th and 19th Century costuming, her fashion perspective is quite unique. Her personal style is influenced from her diverse cultural upbringing as well as architecture and period design.

1. What is your personal fashion perspective?

Fashion is all about creative expression, so have fun with it! I had a professor that used to always say, “Ultimately, it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else but you,” regarding how we wear our fashion. And, I agree for the most part. I think you can be influenced by anything and anyone surrounding you. It doesn’t have to be solely by a fashion magazine or from the latest trends. Fashion is a form of art, and just as a canvas painting is seen as breathtaking to one person while indifferent to another, it is all down to personal approach and mere preference, in the end.

2. What’s your opinion on the models on the fashion magazine? Does it affect you in a way that you feel about yourself?

When I was younger, it did affect me, especially as a teenager. As I got older I became conscious of the positive attributes about myself that I once considered extreme flaws. I started to appreciate what I had. In addition, I was very fortunate to have the support of family and strong women in my life to implant wisdom about body acceptance and appreciation.

3. Many people say that professional models are “skin and bone” and need more meat on them. What do you think? I used to work briefly at a model agency. I would say, yes, predominantly all of the models that we used were very slender or “skin and bone,” as you called it, but, certainly not all. I also think it varies depending on the agency and/or location. I have friends who model in the industry who are not skin and bone, but get work because not everyone is looking for that factor.

4. Size 0 models are dangerous role models for our young ones and us. Don’t you agree?

This is often a very divisive subject. I will say that having diversity in models would be favorable, in my opinion. I think that you can still have successful marketing, as a brand, without unhealthy concessions. Not every size zero person/model is unhealthy. But, yes, I believe there should certainly be more models that represent a range in sizes.

5. You are a writer yourself, how would you reach people and relate to them in this society?

I reach my target audience in today’s society by using social media and other media tools/platforms. Today’s technology helps tremendously for reaching people across the world.

6. Where would you say that you’ve had the most fashion connection when you were traveling? And why? It has varied over the years, but mostly in London, Berlin, and San Francisco. I suppose, the main reasons would be from the culture, museums, and architecture. In each of these cities, I have always been more inspired to buy from the lesser-known places (shopping-wise), including local boutiques and independent designers that I met along the way. But, my fashion “connection” is usually interpreted from art or architecture.

7. How would you describe fashion in 3 words?

Capricious, subjective, and artful.

8. REglam’s ambition is to change attitudes in Fashion and Media towards a healthy body image so people can stay encouraged and love themselves. It’s a very important subject! Would you support and recommend this to your friends and family?

Absolutely! I am in full support of self-love and encouragement, regarding body image.

9. When did you start blogging and styling? and Why?

I started my blog in December of 2009, but started to actively blog shortly after. I originally started my blog as a way to catalogue my traveling ventures, show my own artwork, and share behind-the-scenes fashion experiences. It later formed into a fashion, style, and inspiration blog.

10. What do you enjoy about blogging and styling?

I started wardrobe and press styling long before my blog, so I would say that I enjoy styling, in general, because of the diverse types of people and personalities that I am able to closely work with. We all learn from one another. With blogging, it allows me to express other avenues of my own styling, and share about emerging talent that I come across and sometimes work with. I also enjoy the concept of blogging, especially the world of opportunities that it’s opened for others and myself.

Author:  Madison    Website Fashion Tales Blog   Twitter  @Ladyofashion

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