“Did you know that 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies? Well, if you’re part of that 91%, you’re probably not surprised. So many of us spend the majority of our lives believing we’re not good enough because we don’t look like an airbrushed magazine cover. Then, we look back on our lives at 90 and are like, “Geez, I really missed out by hating on myself every day.”

So start making a change today. Life is so much more delicious when you can quieten those nagging body demons and focus on other things…like living!

1. Join the Imperfect Club

Why would you want to be isolated over in the perfect club (population: 0), when the rest of us are over here being lovingly imperfect? Imperfection is the universal quality that unities us as human beings. Somewhere along the way, we got confused, and believed that having body love means thinking our bodies are perfect. That’s not the case! Loving our bodies is about acknowledging that of course they’re imperfect, as they should be. We’re all flawed, worthy, lovable human beings–and the number on the scale or the size on a pair of pants isn’t going to change that! When you’re feeling self-conscious or having a “fat” day, practice self-compassion: It’s all about recognizing our universal imperfection, accepting our experience without judgment, and being kind to ourselves. So say to yourself what you would say to a friend–it’s probably much different that how you typically treat yourself!

2. Love it For its Functionality

Are you able to get out of bed in the morning? Dress yourself without help? Can you climb up and down stairs? How amazing is that? We often shame our bodies for how they appear, and totally dismiss how much they do for us. It’s like driving around in our car day after day, always getting to our destination safely and never breaking down, then saying we despise it because in has a scratch on the bumper. Cars don’t have feelings (that I know of), but we do. So instead of criticizing your body for not looking like a celebrity’s, permit yourself to be an imperfect human being and be grateful for your able-bodiedness!

3. Be Mindful of the Media You Digest

Who do you follow on Instagram? What pages do you follow on Facebook? Gossip mags, fashion blogs, and even many health and wellness sites are notorious for filling your feed with airbrushed, unrealistic images and judgmental headlines. Nobody feels good about their body when they see “fitspirational” photos or see a celebrity persecuted for putting on weight. Instead of comparing yourself to these fake representations of reality, “Like” body-positive and feminist pages and blogs. I love HuffPost Women, XOJane, MindBodyGreen, and REglam, of course!

So the next time you find yourself picking apart your body, try out these tips and see if you feel any better. Your body (and your heart!) will thank you.

REglam, Melanie RogersMelainie Rogers, MS, RD is the founder and executive director of BALANCE Eating Disorder Treatment Center–a cutting-edge, holistic program complete with yoga, art-therapy, and more–and Melainie Rogers Nutrition LLC in New York City. Melainie has worked extensively in obesity research at the St. Luke’s/Roosevelt Obesity Research Center, and developed the nutrition component of the Beth Israel Medical Center weight loss surgery program. She is the founder of the New York City Chapter of the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (IAEDP), and is currently an Executive and Advisory Board Member at the Center for the Study of Anorexia and Bulimia (CSAB). She is also an international speaker and has appeared on CBS, The Today Show, and Channel 11 News, as well as multiple documentaries.

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