Hey beauties! Did you know that our skin is the last place to receive nutrition but it’s the largest organ in our bodies? Make sure your skin stays hydrated in the winter ;). Beautiful skin secret -> Here are 5 Super Skin Hydrating Foods as it follows:

1. Cucumber: is the power vegetable. Many of the detoxing and cleansing juices contain cucumber. So make sure to use it a lot, in your smoothies, juices or in the salad. A Plain cucumber makes an awesome snack along with the baby carrots!

2. Aloe Vera: does wonders to your skin! Also helps your immune system. Make sure to add a small amount of aloe vera to your smoothies or juices. If you put too much, it will make it taste bitter.

3. Water: This one is kind of obvious and up to 70% of the human body is made of liquid, so our body functions properly; we need to be sufficiently hydrated. So make sure to drink enough water a day to stay hydrated!

4. Watermelon: All the fruits are great for you and your skin, but melons are super hydrating due to their high water content!

5. Avocado: is high in Omega 3 fatty acids and known as a true beauty food.

Stay #Healthy and #LoveYourself!

Writer and Community Manager: Zoe                     Photographer: Semra Sevin

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