#REglam showcases New York writer and performer Catherine Santino and her personal take on Anxiety Disorder! Kudos for her, because HelloGiggles published her recent article on how Anxiety Disorder and Eating Habits can be related.

There are days when life seems less easy to us, just too much to deal with … We try to show nothing from outside and be under control, yet little things can give our anxiety and worry away. We all have different triggers for anxiety. And it is important to find those out and work on them.

We all react differently to anxiety, depending on how we usually express our feelings. Anxiety is something common that can be caused by stress, emotional problems or trauma.

In a recent article on HelloGiggles Catherine Santino talks about her experience with this topic and how it affected her relationship with food. For Catherine Santino her anxiety disorder expressed itself in her changing food habits, which can be valid for many of us.

Check out Catherine Santino’s articlehttp://hellogiggles.com/anxiety-disorder-food

Blog: fullmentalnudity.wordpress.com

Catherine Twitter‘s & Instagram: @cat_santino –  @csantino

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