New online fitness websites are destroying our perception of normal body shapes!

New websites for online fitness programs are spreading, particularly the famous or There is nothing wrong with exercising at home, especially after a long day at work when the nearest gym seems too far away.

While this is an attractive idea for busy people and workaholics, some of these new online fitness sites are just jumping the shark. Pioneering this trend is The name already gives a vague idea of what it promotes: exercising in order to become as thin as possible, in contrast to the notion of exercising to maintain a healthy body. The website offers a ten week program, insisting it can transform your body into a size similar to that of Victoria Beckham’s.

In the description, trainers are promising taut skin, a flat belly, and thin legs, all without any extreme dieting. This is a complete contradiction: How could it be possible to reach a size-zero (which equals a female size of 32 or a children’s size of 176), without any dieting? This is an unrealistic promise. is divided into six different rubrics. One being a so – called Hall of Fame, where they „honour“girls who manage to lose the most weight in short time. With „before and after“pictures, the visual changes to these women’s bodies attempt to motivate others to start the ten week program. Some candidates do reach a healthier body shape and weight, while others, who were already very thin, become dangerously unhealthy. This creates a dangerous perception of a ‚normal’ body shape and pushes a necessity to lose weight. The goal of every dietary change should be to become healthy, not getting a desired ‚thigh gap.’ has more than 160000 followers on Facebook. Regardless of some positive transformations, the site is not harmless, due to the overwhelming amount of underweight girls who celebrate and idolize these ‚role models’ for their skinny and unhealthy bodies.

Writer: Silvia Linda

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