Attention!!! An Alien has been sighted in Berlin!?!

Attention to all world citizens!!! A She-Alien has been sighted in Berlin! Here is the exclusive Beauty photo shoot we were allowed to have with her before vanishing! Last night she was seen at the Alexa mall in Berlin, where she was caught by the police chewing on Printers, oddly enough the HP Printers seemed to have a more elaborate taste. The alien said she left her home, the planet tomato, to buy half-human office printers, however she seems to “love” those human printers a tad too much 🙂 Before the police could arrest the Alien, she disappeared mysteriously, leaving a trail of stupefied faces behind!

The police, very surprised, searched her all night long in all printer stores in town! But no sign was found of that mysteriously beautiful? Alien!! Where has she vanished to? Will the German police be able to find her? Will printers on Planet Earth soon evolve into a half human species? Stay tuned!…

Photographer: Semra Sevin

Stylist: Silvia Maggi

Writer : Pierre Philippe Toufektchan click to check out his works!

Hair and Makeup: Alisa Kolb and Verena Emmel

Thanks for the support 🙂              Your REglam Team xx

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