Everyone has felt left out at times, but imagine feeling that way everyday, in your body and in your community.

Reshel Shah Kapoor is a 30 year-old documentary film maker and professor of Film Studies in Dubai.

Resh directed and produced The Black Sheep Documentary, which followed the everyday lives of a group of hijras (transgender, Indian women). Her documentary cost roughly £20,000 (GBP) to produce. The team spent a total of 40 days filming in India, but the entire project took a total of two years to complete.

The film won 7 international awards and is currently awaiting an answer from Toronto’s International Film Festival.

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Website: The Black Sheep Documentary

Interviewee: Reshel Shah Kapoor (@ReshShah)

Interviewed by: Joshua Soucie | Check him out on Instagram: @JoshuaSoucie.

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