The struggles that come along with being well dressed for school…We have all had that moment where we stand in front of our overflowing wardrobe, but still don´t know what to wear. As a student myself I can relate to this issue very well!

My school does not have a dress code (luckily), which means I can be creative and let myself have fun with combinations, samples, colours and accessories. It can be a tough decision and quite stressful to find the perfect outfit for school, but here are a few thing to remember:

1. Be the best version of you! Do not hesitate to wear something might be a bit down the hill. If you like it, wear it, it’s as simple as that PLUS you´ll feel so much more confident about yourself!

2. Don’t let `the looks` you may or may not get bother you in any way! When it comes to fashion taste is something that is subject, its different for everyone. Wear whatever pleases YOU!

3. Mondays – We all know that feeling after a good weekend. Wearing comfortable clothing as much as possible is the best way to get through a lazy Monday. Especially now during winter time: a scarf, a cozy jumper and cheeky boots are absolute must haves!

The fact is that no matter what you decide to wear: be yourself and create your own style. Being confident is equal to being happy, so don’t be afraid of anything or anyone. Try, change and find your own personal style, a style that makes YOU feel confident and fashionable.

Lots of love x

Writer:  Sparkly Rose

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