Sonia Boessert is a Berlin based designer for the label Boessert/Schorn. Each collection is made up of extremely well crafted items that combine pattern, texture and a muted colour palette that ties everything together. Boessert/Schorn is high fashion with a more relaxed approach, think slouchy cardigans, patterned trousers and tunics with an earthy look.

Boesserts’ designs are mainly sold in Japan, with about 20 stores carrying her product, however you can also see Boessert/Schorn in America, Paris and at the Berlin showroom art fair. You can look at the collections online at as well as Arne Eberle Press and Sales Agency

Where do you begin when starting a new collection?
First of all the weather has to fit. Right now it’s getting colder and the leafs slowly turn yellow, that’s the right time for me when I feel the urge to start with the Winter collection. I start to imagine to wrap myself up in something warm and thick, into woolen and knitted materials. Also I try different techniques to gain new patterns and structures. Right now I’m working with felt material. Often the technique will lead me to the results, or an idea/inspiration. At the moment I’m painting structures with wax and then I scratch out parts. This way I can imagine the print.

What are your favourite fabrics to work with and why?
Woven wool, wool felt; I like the structure.

What are the most important Rewards and Benefits of Being a Fashion Designer?
Hyères and Swiss textile.

How do you want the woman who wears your clothes to feel? 
My clothes are not so much about femininity or masculinity, but about comfortable clothes that cover and dress. My clothes are also about the love for handmade things and simple haptical structures (nice to touch). Clothing as it was meant to be in it’s origins.

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