Body image anxiety. I think we’ve all been there, right? You’ve just stumbled out of the shower and caught a glimpse of the canvas, normally painted to ‘perfection’, this time- bare. It’s strange, but why? We should honor our empowered hearts by looking past that blank canvas and learning to love ourselves because in reality the discouragement you’re feeling is down to your perspective not the amount of blemishes you have on your face or the stretch marks you have across your stomach. I think that we have distorted definitions of what beauty really is and that’s simply because the definition of ‘beauty’ is diverse. What do I think beauty is? I think that beauty is defined by confidence. I think that the way you’re feeling on the inside is reflected on the outside and that’s what people find unattractive- your perspective.

I also understand that having your ‘flaws’ pointed out on a regular basis can make it difficult to uphold a positive outlook but you need to realise that you’re missing out on opportunities by not doing so. By looking down at the floor you’re ignoring the smiles of admiration from passers by and that’s why you’re insecure. When you change your thought process your body has no choice but to follow and then the next time you skip out of the shower and catch that canvas in the corner of your eye- maybe it won’t be so bare.

I had days where I’d rather eat my own arm than walk out of my flat door but you wouldn’t guess that looking at the pictures I post on my blog of outfits consisting of everything from skinny jeans to skorts and up until about a year ago even the word “skort” would terrify me to a point of paralysis.

Did you know that 80% of the audience at burlesque shows are female? Women are beginning to appreciate the beauty in other women instead of envying it and that’s the train of thought we should all be aboard.

“Body confidence does not come from achieving the ‘perfect’ body, it comes from embracing the one you’ve already got.”

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