In today’s society, with the increase of people preaching feminism and pro-female messages, how is it that females are still feeling more pressurized than ever before in regards to their body image and having the perfect body?

Findings by the British Social Attitudes Survey (October 2014) shows that within this study, around 75% of males are happy with their appearance compared to 63% of females.

Within this study, three-quarters (77%) of all adults think that society puts too much pressure on females in regards to their appearance, yet nothing seems to be getting done about it. The proof is in the result so why are people, the media, brands and more still putting this pressure on females?

Another overwhelming statistic that is (47%) of adults agree with the statement “how you look affects what you can achieve in life” and one-third (32%) agree with the statement “your value as a person depends on how you look”’. The fact that people are agreeing with the statement that your human value comes down to how you look justifies how much this pressure needs to stop.

If we take a moment to think about the media world, how often are females judged on their appearance and body image than a male? Much, much more is the answer. Public figures in the media world; entertainers, celebrities, actors, musicians and more have this “media power” to change the way females are judged and pressured, yet whilst they may take this opportunity to speak out and fight for feminism, they don’t forget to ensure their photos are photoshopped and airbrushed to appear flawless, something which doesn’t represent reality and how people look. Isn’t this just contradicting their messages?

What do you think about females being more pressurized than males in regards to body image? I recently talked about body image within the digital world on my blog for my campaign ‘Take Back What’s Yours’. If you’d like to check out that post or would like to join my campaign, here’s the link:

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