(From the Script of the Web Comedy “TheSkinny” on Bulimia)


A pair of chipped magenta nails vigorously clean what appears to be a porcelain palace. RUTH, 16 cute but in a sidekick kind of way, runs her fingers over the edges of the toilet like she’s brushing her dolls hair.

MOM: Dinner!!! (O.S.)           GIRL: I heard you, Jesus!

Meet film-maker Jessie Kahnweiler! – The contagiously hilarious creator of the brand new web-comedy called “The Skinny”, a dark comedy about a feminist-comedian living in L.A. and her ten year fight with Bulimia, produced by wifey.tv. “The Skinny” is raw, real and its something the community needs to break the silence on eating disorders. You are not alone!


In a recent article on fusion.net Kahnweiler notes: “…eating disorders are both everywhere and nowhere to be found.” One with bulimia hide often takes on the fight alone, ashamed, and nervous, out of control, trying to hide from the world and to the ones closest…A bulimic’s self-esteem is revolved around the idea of weight and body image. “The Skinny” brings all these issues to the forefront in a comedic fashion.


Jessie depicts the reactions while pitching her idea to investors: “I quickly realized even the mention of the words eating disorders freaked people out. It was as if I was serving my potential investors deep fried Ebola sandwiches. At the end of my pitch, (insert white dude name) would sweetly reveal, “there’s nothing funny, or more importantly, sexy about eating disorders.” Were they right? Was “The Skinny” both too much and not enough? I left those meetings hungrier than ever.” And that’s when Jessie took things in her own hands and raised money privately to make her project come real!!


Bulimia hide only became a recognised health problem that could be officially diagnosed in the medical profession in the 1980’s and since then, many have come forward confessing that they had struggled with the abusive illness. But, it is still something that is battled alone, with little help and with little awareness from family and friends until it becomes a serious health problem. Just some of the health risks of bulimia include:

  • – Tooth decay and staining from stomach acids released when vomiting
  • – Peptic ulcers and pancreatitis
  • – Electrolyte imbalances that can lead to heart failure

(Read more at https://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/health-consequences-eating-disorders)


So speak out and find someone who has the professional knowledge or cares so much about you that they will support you and share your true feelings. We at REglam know it’s difficult but possbile! 🙂 Big hugs!!

Here’s a link to Jesse’s kickstarter, hurry it ends on March 10th! : http://kck.st/1AHDv1q

Check out Jessie’s appearance on HLN discussing the project: http://bit.ly/1aLeNIF

Read Jessie’s full article We Need to Laugh About Eating Disorders

Photocredit: Amanda Hankerson

Writer: Rebecca Bennett

Thanks for the support and love 🙂    Your REglam Team xx

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