The fashion industry critics often have two things to say when it comes to us women: you’re either too fat or too thin. Sure, there’s the expression “thin is always in” but not all women have the natural bone structure to match the models on the runways or the designs that are created for smaller-framed girls.  In fact, only 5% of women naturally possess the body type that is “ideally” marketed in the media.*  Where does that leave the other 95%? Why shame anyone who isn’t naturally built that way?

Then you get into the music industry where there is nothing but skinny-shamming through songs lately about men not liking only skin and bones…making women of all ages look down at their bodies and be ashamed of at least one of their parts.  Why aren’t we encouraging a healthy lifestyle of eating and exercising to love the skin you’re in?   Weight is just a number. All women need to keep in mind the reason there are so many different silhouettes created for dresses, jeans, skirts, etc is because there is no one ideal body-type. Despite what we read or feel the ideal should be, all woman and all body-types are beautiful; they should admired. A woman that struggles with weight fluctuations shouldn’t worry about being thin, and a thin woman shouldn’t worry about having more curves because curves automatically mean you are “womanly.” No, there is no reason to criticize any body shape. Everyone should remember that there are plenty of outfits that will look amazing whether you are pear-shaped, athletic, petite,curvy, etc.Why do you think there are so many designers and styles out there? There is something for everyone and don’t ever forget that.  91% of woman report being unhappy with their body-type which can ultimately lead to an unhealthy lifestyle of dieting and a possible eating disorder.*

The key to looking good is feeling good from the inside out. How do you do that you ask? Eat right, get enough sleep, and exercise your way to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Clothes will only look good on you when you are comfortable with yourself. Be confident and be smart.  Forget the labels of too fat, too thin, too curvy, too bottom-heavy, etc. and remember that you are fabulous. Your “fab factor” is totally up to you, so brush those harsh labels off your shoulders and get to work on being the best version of you that you can be!

Note: *both statistics referenced in the above article are from

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