The aim to be perfect in the eyes of the media is a terrible thing that makes women across the world hate their bodies. I for one have always seen the ‘perfect’ body idolised by the media as this no curves, no fat, plain figure and quite frankly it took me a while to realise that that isn’t possible. You can’t just become the exact copy of something that’s not you. This is why we should celebrate the women, who embrace having curves, and being comfortable with themselves regardless of their size and being in the watchful eye of the media. So, today I’m going to share with you the women who not only inspire me to love my body the way it is, but also to love myself for who I am and not who people believe I should be.

Tyra Banks

You’ll know her from her award winning TV show America’s Next Top Model, but you may also know Tyra Banks from her many years as a high profile super model. What was different about Tyra during and throughout her career was her belief in eating right and staying a healthy weight, not starving herself to prolong her career.

Sofia Vergara

She’s confident, talented and most importantly, loves her body without a care for anyone elses opinion. I love her because she makes me feel more confident to be who I am.


Adele is one of the worlds most talented and influential individuals today and it comes as no surprise that she is a true inspiration to all women of all shapes and sizes.

Demi Lovato

Her struggles with eating disorders and body anxiety gives Demi Lovato an in depth empathy and knowledge of what a lot of girls go through during their earlier years. She now stands firmly in support of being whatever size you are without the pressure to be small.

Christina Hendricks

She’s a star of Madmen and a true unmistakable beauty.

Kat Dennings

Recognised for her fabulous work on one of my favourite shows Two Broke Girls, Kat Dennings is one of my idols and a person who instills confidence in me everyday.

Kate Upton

The reason why Kate Upton is such an amazing inspiration to so many of us is her embrace of her body and being a plus size model. She has truly changed the way the world perceives women.

Jennifer Love-Hewitt

Jennifer love-Hewitt is constantly judged by the media for her changing figure, but that never fazed her. Now a mother and a proud woman of any size, she doesn’t care what the media says.

Amber Rose

I love Amber Rose and I am inspired by here constantly. She is a prime example of a woman who is happy, healthy and an inspiration to many others.

These women are true inspirations to me and I hope you agree that they’re just fabulous the way they are and not the way people believe they should be. The world is however changing and more and more people are actually celebrating curves for their beauty. Big, small, tall, short; we are all perfect for being ourselves.

Let us know who inspires you to be you!

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