I am 20 now. 7 years older, 7 years wiser. I feel like there are so many things I have to tell you since I know how you feel. I know you are often depressed, sad, insecure, lonely… You don’t feel good in your own skin, you wish you were somebody else. But, what if I tell you everything will become better as you age? Would you feel slightly relieved? Happier?

I was you. I know exactly what you are doing. You act every day you are strong. You act like nothing can hurt you. You act that you are the only person you care for and that you need nobody. Honestly, It is all a lie and the truth is so much sadder. The truth is, you don’t have a lot of friends. You are obsessed with being a perfect child to your parents – don’t be silly, perfection doesn’t exist.

I also know that, more than anything, you hate the way you look. You hate your belly fat, double chin, frizzy hair and really thin arms and legs. Too bad there was no one to tell you that you will outgrow it in a year or 2. Truth is, some girls do look like models at 13 years old and some look like..well, you – chubby, short and flat chested. It is all a part of growing up and something completely normal. We are all beautiful in a different way. Unfortunately, some adults have forgotten how it feels like to be a teenager and how sensitive you are at that age. Please don’t cry when they tell you your fat. Only rude and stupid people will tell you that. You don’t need them in your life!

I also know that you like a boy who is not really interested in you. Ok, he is not interested at all and it sucks! Mutual love happens maybe once or twice in a lifetime, and maybe it will happen to you one day (it definitely won’t happen in 7th grade). Don’t convince yourself that the reason he doesn’t like you is because you are ugly – you are not! Always remember that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. At the end, it is important for you to know that future will bring you so much joy, bright moments, laughter! You will travel, you will meet amazing people and make friends for life. You will study something you like and finally after a long time, you will love yourself.

You will be happy. Always yours, Me.

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  1. Chupacabras

    Oh Dev! Very sweet and moving. I m not sure how a letter to myself would go if I wrote it to my 13 year old self, but I m pretty sure it would be something like that. We are all so insecure and trying to figure things out at that age!

    • admin

      Yes, I know! I remember not having much guidance and feeling that that the adult world was something scary 😀 With a little hand I would have enjoyed myself and life more! I hope you have a good day, sem (founder REglam)


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