Prolific Fashion Designer & Artist Johny Dar, invites REglam, to talk about his “Love Your Body” project – pristine body paintings revealing the beauty within all women’s body types; let it be Lady Gaga or women like you & me, we are all part of Johny’s “Love Your Body” body project!

You worked with iconic beauties as Lady Gaga, Shakira, Pink & Nelly Furtado. Is the woman an object carrying your art or, is she something more powerful to you?

Johny Dar     I find my freedom in the woman. It’s my way of escaping my own emotionally constricted man’s world. For me the woman is the freedom and ability to express emotions and I really find power in emotions.

You have body painted Lady Gaga. How do you feel when you paint the boob of a star as opposed to the boob of a regular person?

Johny Dar    At my last fashion show I painted 14 models in one day and I didn’t remember their bodies, what they were like, how big or small their breasts were. I really don’t look at the physical body in that sense. I’m just focusing on the art itself.

Lady Gaga, REglam Lady Gaga, body painting by: Johny Dar

Do you think fashion industry is male dominated, as it is about having power over women & men like power?

Johny Dar    This definitely is not a business where we’re selling the power of the woman; it’s a business that sells the body of the woman. Society is very much about the body, and in the fashion industry money often motivates and shapes what is being created and presented through the feminine body. DAR the BOOK was my way of going beyond this perspective and presenting the feminine body in a different way.

Are you here for the artistic experience or for the power & recognition you get through your work?

Johny Dar     I still don’t have hunger for fame or for recognition. I really believe in everything I’m doing in the sense that it is liberating our idea of what the woman’s body is. I’m bridging a gap between the need for mental domination by men and the emotional intelligence of women. We need more of women’s contribution to society.

You are empowering women through your body paintings. How is the word ‘idealist’ related to you?

Johny Dar     I went through a time where I practiced ‘no judgment’ towards anything. I really run away from definitions. I’m a designer one day but then the next day I’m like: fuck me and the designer, I’m just going to paint walls! I break my own bubble. This makes sure my ego doesn’t get blown up, which can easily happen.

Johny Dar, REglam

Johny Dar creating his “Love Your Body” project

What would an ideal fashion world look like where a women feels beautiful as opposed to an ugly duckling?

Johny Dar     I believe it’s when you’re able to bring out that individual personality of a woman and her true colors. To me that’s creating the beautiful colorfulness of society. When you make women all look uniform the individuality and beauty gets lost.

Do you think if fashion industry based it’s decisions more on emotions it would make more sense?

Johny Dar     It would be more in service to the human condition and society – the fashion industry has a great influence on people’s emotions – even through the way a different dress can bring out a different side of a woman – so in that sense the industry has a huge responsibility in shaping people’s perspectives and experiences.

“DAR the BOOK by Johny Dar is an extraordinary collection of art featuring expressions of the feminine undressed to her essence.  DAR the BOOK 2 is a hard cover art book, the second volume of six in this unique series, and sensational journey of discovery.

An original and timeless celebration of the female form, DAR the BOOK 2 invites observers to discover what lies beyond her skin, and to explore the labyrinth of unexpressed emotions that shape their visual observation.  Dar’s enchanting hand-drawn lines weave an artistic seduction into the mysterious realms of the feminine, and an intimate journey into the depths of the human psyche.

As transformative as it is touching, and innovative as it is erotic, this prodigious art book presents a new and unprecedented perspective upon art, life and womankind.”

DAR the BOOK 2 is priced at 45 euros. As a special LOVE YOUR BODY promotion, signed copies of DAR the BOOK 2 are available for a limited time – contact Moka Scott @

Interviewer: Semra Sevin

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