The Danish designer brand Carmakoma and the National Association Against Eating Disorders and Self-harm (LMS) stand together in the fight for more diversified beauty ideals in the fashion industry. As a prelude to the Copenhagen fashion week the two partners will turn the busy streets of Copenhagen into a catwalk to prove that great fashion is for everyone. To mark their message they let loose a colorful and noisy diversity patrol leaving at 3 p.m. on 29th of January.

100 women – eagerly whistling in pink patrol vests – will shape a festive and diverse procession patrol with positive messages on banners and flyers. They will be escorted by 20 styled models of all sizes, stressing that fashion is for everyone. During last winter’s fashion week Carmakoma and LMS created great public attention with an unconventional diversity statement catwalk at Copenhagen Central Station. This time they shout even louder to create awareness about their campaign for greater diversity in the fashion industry – an urge for fashion at eye level.

Female beauty comes in all shapes

The desire to create greater diversity in the fashion industry is an important matter for both Carmakoma – a clothing company producing catwalk inspired clothing for women in sizes 14-26 – and for LMS – an organization advising and supporting people affected by eating disorders. With the diversity patrol campaign both parties seek to supply women of all ages with a larger scope of role models to identify with when assessing their own and others’ bodies and appearance.

Breaking with a narrow-minded ideal of beauty

The beauty ideal of the fashion industry, where the models are super slim and very young, is contributing to negative self-images and low self-esteem – factors that may be contributing to the development of an eating disorder or self-injury.

“It’s incredibly important to create a counterpart to the unilateral beauty ideal of the fashion industry. And it is precisely this counterpart, we are trying to create in cooperation with Carmakoma. We both want to nuance the beauty ideal and boost self-esteem in women. With the diversity patrol we will put in motion a trend towards increased diversity in the fashion industry, “says LMS-chairman Anne Minor Christensen.

Drop the conventions and make the Copenhagen fashion week a diversity brand!

The purpose of the diversity walk is to make women see and identify with beautiful women of all sizes – and not only the super slim models that usually adorn the Danish fashion week. In addition, the event is also a call for action to the industry.

“Basically, it’s about creating a positive relationship to your own body and showing that fashion and beauty cannot be defined by a size label in the neck. At the same time, there is a really big market for fashion that does not stigmatize. Carmakoma’s success is proof that the public and the market is positive about the message. Therefore, it is inconceivable that the Copenhagen fashion week and the entire fashion industry does not have a better eye for diversity. It is a missed opportunity to create even more attention to the Copenhagen fashion week, “says creative director behind Carmakoma Heidie Lykke.

The Diversity Patrol leaves from Kong Arthur Hotel, Nørresøgade at 3 about p.m. and arrives at Højbro Plads at about 4 p.m. Everyone is welcome to join the walk and support the positive message.

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