We girls like to consume a lot of beauty products, but do we really know what is in them and if the ingredients are beneficial to our health in the long run ?

Why not begin to make these beauty products ourselves ; With DIY Beauty Products you know exactly what is in them and what you put on your face and your body.

The WhippedGreenGirl is a Beauty Blogger who loves making DIY Beauty. She studied aromatherapy, so she really cares about the ingredients she uses and how great they are for your skin and health. On her Blog the Whipped Green Girl she shows you how to pamper yourself whilst preserving and improving your health  !

REglam is very excited to introduce you to her amazing chocolate nut body butter with all natural ingredients and irresistible scents.

Become a creator of your own products and go read about this organic chocolate-nut body butter HERE  

Writer: Marie Detroulleau                   Twitter : @Marie_Dtrl

Thanks for the support and love 🙂       Your REglam Team xx

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