The answer to this question may be obvious to some but for many it is hard to answer right away and with full confidence.  Generally speaking, if your thoughts revolve around food or the way you look, and these thoughts affect the way you eat, you might be at risk of developing an eating disorder. But in the photoshop-perfected reality we live in today, aren’t we all concerned about the way we look and what we eat? Yes, mass media influences the way we think about ourselves, but the question is: when does a healthy concern becomes an obsession or a compulsion? The difference is often very subtle and hard to notice at first. You might not be aware or unable to recognise your own problem and it is often easier to spot the issue in somebody else.  It is extremely hard to look at oneself from an objective distance and sometimes it is a good idea to talk about your own concerns to a specialist. Eating disorders affect the way we think about and how we see ourselves. They are difficult to come to terms with but not impossible to overcome.

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