REglam founder, Semra Sevin chats to Candace Boehm about eating disorders, overcoming them and the representation of body image in the media. Candace is recovering from an eating disorder and is a strong advocate for #HealthyBodyImage and #SelfLove.

You said that magazines like “Seventeen” are partly the reason for how you deal with body issues. 
I thought that was super interesting!! As that is my whole theory: There are many movements and scientists out there who talk about ED, but the images in the media and fashion are still the same, and that as long as noone changes them, the problem will sustain…..

That is absolutely true. The way in which an eating disorder is formed relies on three factors and it is commonly described with a gun metaphor: biology and gentics form the bullets, personality/psychological temperment load the gun, and society/media/culture pull the trigger. Until those images and stigmas are removed, things will not get bettter..


It is actually been my goal for a long time..raising awareness on this. I do public speaking at academic conferences and share details of my own experience through social media


Yes! I’d like to ask if those body movement sites would help you to not get an ED? Instead, what would happen if the fashion magazine you open has not only size 00 but more diverse sizes?

I think it would help immensely. My anorexia started at age six. I was in love with magazines and such because I was bullied at school..I thought improving my image and appearance would make me friends. I saw what these girls in magazines looked like and it became stuck in my mind that THAT was beauty. And I took diet tips and exercise tips from those things..but to the extreme. There was always such a focus on appearance..and I thought that was what was important


You mean you were bullied because you were “rounder”? Whatever it means..

No, I was actually always on the low end of “normal”. I played sports. I was a girly girl who loved basketball. I had frizzy curly hair and freckles and was pale..and I grew up in a town where everyone was the same. I was made fun of because I was little.

Ah but that’s cute!

I see that now.

How do you like the site REglam? 

Yes, I really like it. I spent some time on it the other day. I like the emphasis on body acceptance, rather than “real women have curves” which diminishes people with naturally thin builds.

Yes, exactly. I think it s so weird that it’s plus size (what does this mean anyways) or superskinny in a negative way. People make it look like it is negative to be naturally skinny.

There is difference in being healthy and naturally thin and being sick/having an eating disorder. Im naturally thin and will never have “curves” or even great boobs for that matter. But im healthy. Everyone is different.

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