REglam founder, Semra Sevin chats to Candace Boehm about eating disorders, overcoming them and the representation of body image in the media. Candace is recovering from an eating disorder and is a strong advocate for #HealthyBodyImage and #SelfLove

I’d love to have your take on the REglam concept. I really want to help girls and women with this platform, to create a living room/homey atmosphere, where it is chic, and it is chic to be glamorous in different sizes as long as one has their own healthy size.

That’s what I love about this. Women need to feel empowered, not through wishing to be someone different or altering their style/appearance, but through their own glamorous individuality. It is hard to find places to feel comfortable exerting your own style.

There are so much more important things in life than our weight!        Indeed there is. Thank you! THAT is exactly the message women and girls need to hear.

There is so much insensitivity and ignorance about this issue, one of the most common diseases.         Exactly. That is such a horrible thing, the way that most people portray body image and eating disorders….

What do you think of the idea of heaving a section in the online magazine where you can order a therapist via Skype, or a nutritionist or yoga teacher…depending on your needs, everything about eating healthy and wellbeing in general?

Oh gosh, I think that is an EXCELLENT idea. So many people would benefit from that..especially not having to leave their home. That would be a great source of inspiration and accountability.

In Germany there are free therapists, however you can end up quitting. The idea of having a therapy is so daunting you can take up to a year to build up the courage.  Are there similar problems in the US? is it unaffordable etc?

Wow. That is crazy. Ridiculous. It is especially bad then for ED sufferers, as you often need someone right then. I postponed therapy myself for a long time out of fear. Most insurance companies do not cover ED therapy or only grant six sessions per year. They actually told my mother to “shove a fork down my throat” when I was at the point where I had already been hospitalized eight times and needed to go to treatment. Eating disorders are not acknowledged here by insurance companies or most doctors as a critical issue.

That’s why I think having an option like you mentioned would be so great. Knowing that someone is always there. Connecting with others who share your experiences, learning to find the mind body connection through yoga, etc.

I heard Kesha’s agents told her something similar when she gained weight: “I don’t care how you lose weight, stop eating. put a finger up your throat.”

Oh god! That’s disgusting. It is repulsive that people can be so ignorant.

I thought the fashion blog of REglam would be the reason that girls go on the site, something fun to look at for everybody without feeling ashamed to be on the site, something cool, where celebrities pose for photos and promote the doctor platform.

I think the fashion world has a lot to do with it because when you see an unrealistic woman wearing the pants you adore, you begin to criticize yourself. And young girls look to the fashion world for inspiration, but having a site like yours would help to make it a positive environment and even open up the doctor platform to them.

Would you have liked REglam if there was no fashion aspect? How important is it?

I would have, but I find it more interesting with the fashion because the current fashion world is so tainted with negative and unhealthy things. I think it is important to emphasize that glamour and style can be for everyone, and it adds a chic and hip element to our message.

My thought was also, that people with ED might feel overwhelmed or need something subtler. A teacher once told me that the girls with ED are supposed to be left alone when it comes to direct questions about their ED. What do you think?

That’s true. Confronting someone with questions and information about their eating disorder is a very tricky slope. I think the subtleness also helps those girls to not feel ostracized or attacked, but rather encouraged.

Candace, I think I have asked all my questions, I don t know how I can thank you!

No problem!! Thank you!!

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