Sacred and profane, with rhinestones and studs, polka dots and check prints, leather and silk: The creative world of Fausto Puglisi, one of the most promising Italian fashion designers, is made up of fascinating and strong contrasts. He gave image to a modern woman whose style takes free inspiration from his Sicilian roots and the Greek-Roman Empire, the Scarface Eighties aesthetics and the late Gianni Versace, the Berlin contemporary club scene and the swinging Sixties.

Puglisi’s work creates a new image of independent, strong femininity. Puglisi knows that “today women are different. They work, have fun and want to look impeccable….a woman has to find a style which translates her personality and experiences”; He talks about concepts such as Attitude and Powerful Beauty, which he finds in the model Carmen Kass who “…has personality” and is “proud of herself…” as well as in his Ethiopian-Vietnamese cleaning lady, who “…besides beauty, has a dignity” which he admires. With a sort of provocative wit he states that if one can’t afford it, no one needs Fausto Puglisi: femininity rather lies in a certain behavior, personality and self-consciousness.

If you had to choose the most real, most awkwardly powerful, most representative icon of our contemporary times – who would you pick? Let s say  Hannah Horvath – main character of the TV Series Girls – or, better, her creator Lena Dunham. Well, guess what designer she was wearing during the launch of her new book Not that kind of girl….. Hint: starts with a “P” 😉

Author: Silvia Maggi  Stylist for REglam

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