Fat phobia exists. It’s more than just a few giggles at a ‘fat joke’, it’s an entire discriminative movement against the ‘0versized.’ And it is too common in the worlds of fashion and media. Most major fashion brands do not cater for larger women due to a fear of ‘losing their image.’ Women are bullied in their work environments for being plus-size and they are easy targets for humiliation. Photos posted online of plus-size women are hounded instantly with an influx of negative comments about female size.

In a recent article posted on bustle.com, plus-size model and blogger @mariesouthard describes her discomfort at the so-called compliment “You’re not fat, you’re beautiful,” adding that fat-phobia stems from ignorance; It is possible to be both ‘fat’ and beautiful. She is aware of her size but she is also aware of her own health. Marie conducts a small experiment to observe the reactions of onlookers as she struts her stuff in a low-rise bikini at the beach.

Beauty is possible at any size. Health is possible at any size. Style is possible at any size.

Check out her article and the results to her experiment here! http://bit.ly/1v0T4ml

Writer: Marie Southard Ospina   and her Twitter

Marie’s Blog:  Miggmag.com

Photo credit: bustle.com

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