Fashion exposure and model advertisement is forever increasing. Since the early 90’s, many researchers have proven that fashion culture has a strong influence on body-image and self-esteem. Fortunately, many health professionals, like Susie Orbach of “Endangered Bodies,” are fighting this trend.

I recognize, day after day, that the impact of fashion culture is getting stronger and stronger. Through frequent advertising, we are continually bombarded with images and photos of models who look smart, strong, happy, capable… and far too skinny. We compare ourselves to these images and we usually forget that fashion advertisement is not representative of a normal community. It is most often representative of those below a certain size, usually an unhealthy weight. This creates unrealistic goals and unnecessary pressure for men and women today.

Not even beautiful Hollywood stars are immune to this type of pressure. Kate Winslet and Portia de Rossi had eating disorders and fortunately both recovered. I agree with Barbara J. Phillips and Edward F. McQuarriehe when they state that repeated exposure to the gap between ideal and real is toxic to a woman’s self-esteem, providing prima facie evidence for the negative impact of the marketing system on vulnerable consumers.

Is there a solution? There is always a solution, and both men and women need to contribute constructively to solve this problem. We need to find our inner strength in different ways so that the fashion industry will be obliged to make some important changes and start promoting healthy body image.

Writer: Julija Mihovilovic                      Photographer: Semra Sevin

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