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The beauty standards of the fashion world are practically unattainable for most women. So, striving to achieve those will most likely only make room for self-loathing and damage your self-esteem. What it should really be about is: personality, individuality and uniqueness; and even though they try to transmit that message through the media it is clear as day it is not about that at all. Fashion Blogger, marketer and amateur model  Gwen Vikkey Miao, (Vicki Victoire) tells us how she found her own way to shine, modelling at Hong Kong-based French-African designer Amina Lamarre Delafoulhouse's catwalk show, showcasing real women and real beauty:

"I do not reach the height of 175cm, but so what? The high-end fashion world is full of contradictions and unrealistic ideals of beauty. Such beauty standards which are almost unattainable for most real women are good for nothing but fostering self-loathing which hurts self-esteem. Being one of the very few in fashion to advocate diversity of beauty, Hong Kong-based French-African designer Amina Lamarre Delafoulhouse, who has just recently named her brand The Original People Design, has always been enthusiastic and determined to carve out a niche against the norm. She took the opportunity of International Women’s Day to throw a fashion show seeking to empower women of different beauty types. Amina’s models were not to portray the fake ideal beauty image on stage, but to convey to every single female audience the concept of real, strong and powerful beauty coming from having our own style, living our own way and having our own mind and kick away those feelings of inadequacy and shame about our bodies, making them realize that each woman is beautiful in her own special way and deserves to be celebrated and respected. Who still needs to be a supermodel when in fact we can all be the heroines of our lives to rock our stage?

 May every woman bloom; show the world your best. If I can, anyone can.

In many people’s eyes, a performance by an unprofessional model like me is nothing worth mentioning but I insisted on doing it the professional way because, whether it be blogging or modelling, over time people will see my passion and my effort.

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What inspired me about modelling during this extraordinary experience was the pursuit of perfection through continuous improvement and an unwillingness to settle for second best. From the moment I walked out on stage, I reminded myself that I could show the guests only the best of myself despite the hectic and crazy backstage and the inevitable stress and frustrations. My try at modelling (this was my third time walking the runway for Amina’s show) has left me with a longing for more chances to walk in fashion shows.

For the sake of professionalism and pursuit of excellence (isn’t it the right way to work in fashion?), I seeked sponsorship from Angel Wong, the talented and creative make-up artist/designer and founder of Angel Wong Image who designed and hand made a few head-turning colorful headpieces to go with Amina’s exotic tribal collection rich in bold prints in addition to creating a fabulous makeup look and hairstyle for me, which let me steal the spotlight.

Call me an unprofessional professional fashion worker. Follow your passion, rewards will come – I share my uplifting spirit with those women who have been striving for recognition and self-realization. Lift your head up high, sisters!"

Thank you Vicki ! Read her full article at her blog:

Thanks for the support and love :)   Your REglam Team xx

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Media takes up much space in our lives. As your daughter becomes exposed to multiple media sources, you can help her decode the messages about body image and beauty she receives from the representations of female characters she watches.

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