One thing many people have is insecurities. Maybe you’re shorter, or just rounder. Growing up I was always overweight. I didn’t have any idea who I was or how to dress. I did know fashion was going to be my career since middle school. At that time, my mom was still buying my clothes. I can be honest, the choices I had were pretty basic. At that time, I didn’t know how to put “myself” into an outfit.

As high school approached, my insecurities grew. I always thought of myself as the “Fat” kid. When I told people that I wanted to be a Fashion Designer (this was before I decided to be an Editorial Stylist), I felt they laughed at me or didn’t believe me. I wasn’t teased in school for being overweight but I did feel like an outcast around some of my smaller friends.

It wasn’t until I graduated that I decided to take over my life. I started following an eating plan and working out once a day. In the end, I felt great, and I started to feel confident about myself. I started to get creative with my wardrobe, and people started to notice. I felt good and looked good.

Now that’s not the end of my story because I’m a work in progress. I’m here to tell you that body image is important and being healthy is a must. We all fall off the wagon sometimes, but as long as you pick yourself up, that’s most important. Confidence, I believe is everything.

5 Ways to Feel Great & Motivate Yourself

1. Dress for you– The only person you should be dressing for is yourself. Someone once told me that Fit is key. Know your body type and what looks great on you.

2. Eat when you’re hungry– The worst thing you want to do is starve yourself to fit a size 2 when you’re a size 6. Be a strong 6 and love yourself. If you want change, work for it. Being healthy is #1.

3. Be your Shoptherpist– I love to shop, especially when adding to the closet. Shopping is very therapeutic for me. I love to try new things and take a risk. We all deserve a little something new to add to the closet. A new scarf can add a smile to the face.

4. Be Confident– This can be a tough one, but it’s only if you let it. It’s an everyday process. As long as you love yourself, who can tell you different!

5. Inspire to be you– We can only be one person, and that’s us. We can do great things if we believe. You’re very important and as long as you know it, that’s all that matters.

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