Ever since I can remember I did not feel confident with my own body. Starting in my childhood I have always been “the fat one” in the family. No cloths ever fit right, every jeans were too tight and I never counted less than three rolls of fat at my belly. I do not know how often I sneaked into the kitchen, trying to find some sweets late at night and how many pants I destroyed. I am pretty sure, that there are plenty of girls who know exactly what I am taking about. You see all the other girls having fun, wearing skirts in the summer and you always think: “Why do I have to be such a whale?”. You just cannot feel right and enjoy your life to the fullest, because you are scared of the next bikini season.

There is no diet I did now try. From low carb, via Dinner-Cancelling through to Eating nothing- I always gained my weight again and could start from scratch. I read all of the womenґs magazines about “how to be yourself” and “how to lose 30 pounds in two days”. I literally never reached the holy size 6 for more than three weeks. One day I stopped all of these exhausting diets and just started to work out a little bit- just two or three times a week- and to eat healthy. I was never hungry, but ate more fruits and vegetables and less sugar and fat. My goal was not having a certain weight or losing a certain amount of pounds. I wanted to feel good and healthy. Retrospective, this was the best diet I ever did. Ever since I work out a little bit, not only for burning calories, but to overcome stress and relax. Before, doing Sports was just torture for me, but it can be so much fun if you see it in a relaxed way.

Living in such a superficial society was never easy and it is not getting better. We have a clear imagination of how a woman should look like, otherwise there is something wrong with her. We put so much pressure on ourselves today, that we do not recognize, that we miss so much happiness. We walk into the next “Zara”- Store, buy cloth, which are way too tight and do not fit at all, but at least we are wearing a Small Size. Holy guacamole! Just grab the size 10 dress and be proud of it, you will look so much better in the right size!

What I really learned from my “fattie time” was, that life is not about weight, it is about feeling good and that is what sports and diets should be about. So if you decide for a dietary change, just do it for the right reason. Until now I never reached the holy size 6 for a long time, but at least I do not care

Writer: Julia Lehrter 

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