My name is Zoe and I’m twenty-six years old and from the Uk I currently manage my own blog which is dedicated to girls with oily skin.

I will often buy products to recreate looks I have seen on my favorite celebrities in magazines or online and sometimes find myself disappointed when I don’t look the same.

As I’ve got older I know that celebrities have hairdressers and makeup artists on hand 24/7 making some of the images we see totally unrealistic for the average working woman.

As a young girl I wasn’t aware of this and seeing pictures of celebrities with perfect makeup and bodies only added to the pressures of growing up.

As a result of this I suffered with anxiety that would quite often lead to me making excuses not to go out because I didn’t feel perfect or look a certain way.

As I I have got older I have learnt to appreciate what I have and my look is more about finding things that suit me personally rather than aspiring to look like someone else. As long as I know I’m doing what I can to be healthy then I’m happy!

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Writer: Zoe Barradell                   Twitter: @MissBarradell

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