It’s unfortunate that America has very little rules and regulation in the process of buying a gun. Which is why anyone can buy and use a gun for any reason they decide. I never would have thought that this topic would lead into the death of innocent LGBT people. As a full supporter of the community, the Orlando incident affected me personally. I stand with them to support their rights and continue to stand with them to overcome this horrible attack.

To elaborate, on June 12th, a gay nightclub was under attack by a gunman that resulted in the death of 50 people. How can we live in a world where someone has the ability to have possession over a deadly weapon and use it on innocent people? Like mentioned before, it’s because the law allows us to! It’s heartbreaking to hear that another mass shooting has happened in the USA. Gun violence has been an issue for a while in the country, yet close to nothing has been done in order to prevent these attacks. When will enough be enough?

To hear that a man could walk into a nightclub carrying a weapon, cause a mass shooting, and believe he did it for a better cause astonishes me.

The shooter has been identified as Omar Mateen, who pledged allegiance to ISIS. As I read more about the terrorist, the more I became enraged. The nightclub was supposed to be a place where people could feel safe and be surrounded by people who accept them and love them for who they are – not a place where someone can easily walk in and kill 50 innocent people because he doesn’t agree with their way of life.

People believe he was homophobic. It has been stated that he once got irritated by the sight of two men kissing. People not accepting the fact that love is love and that it is not a choice, is a very outdated concept. As society, we need to show people that the LGBT community is no different than any other. We need to show that this community deserves to be treated just like any community.

To live in a world where a happy, proud and open LGBT person has the chance of losing their life because someone is too closed minded to accept them is the antidote to democracy and the foundation that America was founded upon. Yes, we have come a long way in opening the door to this community, however Orlando and gun violence shows we need to do more.

How could Orlando happen? Is it the person’s fault who sold Mateen the guns? Yes. Is it the bouncer who let him in without realizing he had a weapon on him? Yes. Is it the law’s fault for having these weapons open to the public to use however they like? Yes. Together, these factors made it possible for Mateen to enter the nightclub and kill a total of 50 people.

Should there be stricter rules when purchasing a device such as a gun? Yes, absolutely! Or perhaps one should not have the option to buy a gun because no one can know for sure what the intentions of the buyer’s uses would be. What works in Europe, can work elsewhere.

My heart goes out to the families and friends who have lost their loved ones in this dreadful event. My prayers go out to the survivors who endured the horrible shooting. And my remorse goes out to the LGBT community, as they did not deserve this gun violence.

I send all my love to Orlando.

Artwork by: Mitch Barrie

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