Why do we hate our bodies?

The media has created perceptions of what women and their bodies should look like. We hate our bodies because when we look at the media and we look at ourselves we see two very different bodies, but what we don’t realise is those bodies we see in the media are actually unobtainable, and no matter how hard we try, we will never be able to obtain that ‘perfect’ body that we strive for.

I am by no means an expert, but I do believe that every woman, at least a few times in her life will look in the mirror and not like what she sees. I am one of those women. I’m going to be very honest in this article and say even now, on the odd occasion, I will wake up in the morning and not feel good about myself. On these days the only thing I want to do is to crawl back underneath the covers and be consumed by them, but 95% of the time I suck it up and get on with things, because that’s what we’ve got to do. However, I know a lot of women who don’t just feel like this on the odd occasion. They feel like this on a regular basis and it’s horrible. I know it’s horrible because I’ve been through it.

Let’s take a look at a picture of me.


Before, when I felt like I was not good enough, when I felt that my body was ‘ugly’, I don’t think I could have shared this photo with you all, because there are so many faults and flaws I could pick out of this photo, I’ll give you some examples: I have some excess fat on my face; my skin is very pale and could be compared to milk; I haven’t got a thigh gap and if you cast your eyes down towards my calves I have inherited ‘cankles’, where my leg runs straight into my foot. Now I don’t want you to worry that these make me feel bad because they don’t, I am fine that I haven’t got elegant ankles or a box thigh gap. If I’d been smiling with my teeth in this picture I could have pointed out my teeth that stick out with a gap too.


A couple of years ago I’d struggle to upload a profile picture of myself to Facebook, and now I’m putting up photos all over social media. At first this was nerve wracking for me, when I uploaded my first OOTD (outfit of the day) post to my blog I almost took it down after twenty minutes, even though I was comfortable in my own body. I was still afraid of sharing it with the internet. Although, after the amazing supportive response I received I actually felt proud, and have since uploaded photos without even thinking ‘do I look ok in this’.

Don’t change your body. Change the way you think about your body. Do things that make you feel good about yourself, be it volunteering, running, reading, writing, or whatever it is, just go and do it.
Remember, you are beautiful!

…Continuing with the Part 2!!

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