There are many people in which conventional therapy might not resolve all issues and where complimentary hypnotherapy sessions can help. Many of my patients come with a strong feeling of emptiness. This can be the case for Eating Disorder patients. To these people Hypnotherapy can be of great help. Here are some of the tools I use as a hypnotherapist.

How It Works

In Hypnotherapy, the theory says that psychologists tap into people’s conscious part of the brain, which is our wake state and makes up 12% of our brains. The rest of our brains is subconscious and super conscious, which a hypnotherapist will tap into. That part of us wants to release and move on to be aligned with our purpose for this existence. A hypnotherapist is only a facilitator whom the client takes into their higher consciousness, to be able to heal and move on. This holistic practice can also include asking questions about self-growth and enlightenment.

Redefining Happiness For Yourself

Do you remember when as a child, we searched for ‘magic’ and ‘happiness’, as we got older, we began to want to fit into a society where magic was no longer considered to be acceptable. Letting go of the idea that magic exists – we end up repressing that side of ourselves.  This is the second part to the therapy. This part within each of us is called the super conscious, and it is where we are deeply in touch with our soul. This is where I come in and help show my clients that the magic in this world, once they let go of old beliefs, and suffering from their past.

Gaining Back Hope, Ambition & Love

Many of my clients have strong feelings of emptiness and disconnectedness; an urge to find their true purpose and own bliss. I start my practice with Inner Child Work, where the client gains back their innocence – the most important thing that we can possess because it is limitless, filled with hope, ambition, and love. A holistic hypnotherapist can also work on Karma which is history repeating itself, life lessons and the balancing of energy. Many people live life unconsciously, without knowing how their actions affect not only themselves, but also the people around them.

By working with the unconscious, hypnotherapy can at times bring a faster progress for some patients. My patients can see their traumas in a different light, with more compassion and understanding. Relationships take on a whole new meaning. Healing usually occurs in five therapy sessions.

Spirituality In Therapy

To me magic does exist; it is in the form of energy. If we only open ourselves up to the idea, we can learn to see it. We are not just a body with a brain; we are spiritual beings living a human existence, and our soul is pure energy. Our Chakras are the life force energy flow and misalignment can cause a lot of different illnesses.  As I spend my days touching people’s souls, I know for a fact that there is plenty of magic to go around. All you have to do is heal and believe, and it will be.

How To Find a Hypnotherapist 

First look at what you want to heal from; Second, what are your beliefs systems based on; Are you more of a logical person in need of some spirituality in your life? Or are you someone who bases their whole belief system on reason? There are clinical hypnotherapists and there are holistic hypnotherapists. With clinical hypnotherapist you might want to check your country’s board of clinical hypnotherapists in your area and find their specialty background. With a holistic hypnotherapist, you might want to get referred to one through a healer and/or a local holistic center. Also check online for references on holistic hypnotherapy in your area. But the main point to look into is your intuition. Go with whomever you feel a sense of comfort because this practice works best when its based on intuition and trust. To find me and my services please click on my website below.

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