Identity. It’s a big word, and means different things to different people. But have you ever considered your wardrobe content and fashion choices to be part of your own identity?

Living in today’s western society means that fashion culture and material products have become increasingly important in helping create identities. It comes down to the brands we wear, the shops we shop in, and the meaning behind those brands. For example, are you someone who loves shopping at Topshop or a charity shop? If you love Topshop you may like wearing brands, however, if you’re a charity shopper you may be an environmentally conscious person.

Looking around us we can visually see different peoples’ style and we judge the type of person they may be from it. Which shows how powerful fashion is. It gives others a sense of who you are, a sense of your identity.

With this in mind, what do you think your fashion says about you?

Fashion also gives us a sense of community. We are more likely to shop in the same places our friends shop, because we are more likely to be friends with people with a similar sense of style to our own. It gives us something in common with someone else, and from this starts conversations and friendships. What this comes down to is first impressions, basing what we first think of someone from their overall appearance. This is an unconscious process everyone does, as our brains have to construct a complete picture of what we see; having to “fill in the blanks” about what we don’t know about that person. Someone’s overall appearance includes their body-language and voice, as well as their style. So if you love what your wearing, then your body language will show it and other people will see it too, giving off healthy positivity.

I think fashion is an amazing tool, and can be used to promote a #healthybodyimage, as people respond well to things they can see.

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