Body image is a mental representation we ourselves create about our own bodies. It can be an accurate representation or an inaccurate one. The inaccuracy of our representations usually comes from social and cultural Influences, which can be both good and bad. Even though these influences can be very strong at times, it’s important to remember that our individual minds are stronger still, and it’s therefore possible to overcome social pressures you may be facing. In doing this you will develop a healthier body image, giving you the confidence to love yourself for who you really are, not who you imagine seeing in the mirror.

Seeing an inaccurate image of ourselves can lead to dangerous consequences, such as Anorexia, which I talked about in my last article. However, it can also lead to developing lower self-confidence and higher anxiety, stopping you from being the amazing person you really are!

Naturally, I have always had a very slim sized body. So much so that in my school years, on a couple of occasions, teachers would ring my parents up and say they were worried I wasn’t eating enough etc. This made me feel extremely insecure with my body, as I started to hate the fact I looked so slim and couldn’t understand why I never seemed to be able to put any weight on, even though I had a large appetite and a healthy relationship with food.  However, even though I didn’t have an inaccurate representation of my body, I thought that by writing my experience down it may help people reading this understand that seeing your body image in a negative light can be easier to do then people think. As even though my teachers were just looking out for me, the negative experience I had from school was enough to make me feel insecure throughout my early teens, so for people of a young age it is likely that media influences/experiences about body size can create a much more powerful effect on their lives, and so is something I think people need to become more aware of in the right way. So that it won’t affect them as much.

It’s important to remember that the idea of a “perfect” body image for men and women changes over time. In the past it was all about strong and full-figured body shapes, such as style icon Marilyn Monroe. However in more modern times it has developed into a “thin-at-all-cost” movement, full of different diets for people to try and cosmetic surgery becoming more accessible. These days we are seeing a healthier improvement in influences of body image, a slow but I think sure one. An example of this is the more life sized models that have been put in the window displays of stores such as Marks & Spencer’s, Wallis, and Miss Selfridges. Showing that… The idea of body image changes over time, but it doesn’t need to change you!    

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