Captivating. Engaging. Riveting. A go-getter girl captures our imaginations, spirits, hearts, and minds. She was born to rule the universe and reign in her own quintessential style. To the world she’s the queen: a bold, confident, empowered woman orchestrating her life and writing a story that will be remembered as one of the greatest ever written. To the world she wears a crown with a halo, for she can do no wrong.

But behind a wall of achievements she struggles to overcome her insecurities. To herself she’s a quiet, simple girl with larger-than-life ambitions. She wishes she could be honest enough to share her fears, but she’s a go-getter girl, and the last thing a go-getter girl would do is open her wounds to the world. So let’s take a journey inside her mind to discover her fears.

1. She believes that she’s undeserving of success.

Regardless of how much she attempts to own her accolades, there’s always a part of her clinging to the thought that she’s completely undeserving of her success and will be revealed as a ‘fraud.’ Be honest: If you haven’t experienced this feeling, you know someone all too well who has.

We have to join hands to ensure the go-getter girl that she’s not only deserving of her success, but that she’s taken very aggressive steps to reach that destination. We owe it to ourselves and to our legacy to revel in our hard-earned success and glory.

2. She’s afraid of sounding overambitious.

No matter how much we appear to be enchanted by the go-getter girl, admit it, there are always ‘haters.’ The unfortunate reality is that self-proclaiming to be an ambitious woman isn’t always popular, accepted, or even encouraged. On the other hand, we’re also living in 2014, in a time where opportunities for women in business and all areas of society have never been greater, and the outlook for leadership has never been more optimistic.

We owe it to our ambitions, to our sisters who struggled before us to grant us these opportunities, and to the sisters who will follow our footsteps to let our lights shine bright. There’s absolutely zero need to be apologetic about dreaming larger than many dream in their lifetimes, because if we allow our spotlights to shine, we enable others to embrace their own potential. I’m totally unapologetic about being an ambitious woman, and you should be, too.

3. She fears losing her authentic essence in the quest to reach the top.

At the end of a rat race, we’re still…rats. The go-getter girl’s fear of losing the true essence of herself in her quest to reach the top of her chosen field is a legitimate fear in many ways. What I remind myself is that if my true self matches the characteristics of those individuals who are in the positions I seek to be in one day, then I have nothing to worry about.

There’s a solution for this: To believe that we have enough to succeed, and that we don’t need to change the very fiber of our beings to conform to third-person perspectives of what or who we should be. The moment I began to believe that as an intelligent, capable, confident woman, I’m enough, that’s when I realized that I don’t have to change a single facet of myself to succeed. This is what I wish for all of us go-getter girls to believe: that we, quite simply, are more than enough, and will prove to be trailblazers in 2015, ready and excited to make the impossible possible.

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Written by Shinjini Das

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