Here are five ways to stay positive in the fashion world:

1. Change your role models. 

Role models like Jennifer Lawrence prefer to “eat French fries and sleep in while watching TV on the couch”…. it’s ok to eat fries and watch TV every now and then !! Jennifer Lawrence has refused losing weight for roles, something that should be admired!

2. Make sure you have an encouraging circle of friends.
My boyfriend is constantly telling me how good I look, regardless of the fact that I think I need to lose a good 15 lbs. My friends are always encouraging me that I look “so good”. You need these people in your life. All that my friends care about is that I’m healthy, and that’s how it should be! Make sure you keep negative people at bay, you don’t need them in your life.

3. Be real with yourself.
You are never going to be perfect, no one is. The best thing we can do is accept ourselves for who we are and realize that is how we are intended to be, imperfect. Exercise at least 3x /week and eat healthy food. Focus on beauty as much as you want, but remember to keep healthy and do what’s important.

4. Be accepting of others.
Just like you aren’t perfect, neither are others. Remember that people are going to be different from you, they are going to walk, talk, and look different. One person may see something as beautiful and the other person could care less. That doesn’t make one person right and the other person wrong, it just makes us all different. And that is what is really beautiful.

5. Make a difference.
It’s up to all of us to make a difference! If you see that person feeling down because they are not feeling good about themselves, talk to them, make them feel better, be a positive role model. Being an encouragement to someone could have a bigger impact than you can even imagine. You just might have given them the strength that they needed to get through another day.

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