Here in Argentina, where I was born and where I live, spring has arrived and each time gets hotter. Quickly the cold goes away and we have 30 degrees Celsius heat.What does this imply? We have to start showing skin. That skin we covered so well until now.  If you get more kilos in the winter, there is no problem! You cover them with sweaters and jackets! If your skin is not tan in autumn, it’s okay! But suddenly you realize you’re pale as a sheet!  Always, anywhere in the world, when spring and summer comes, the women do the same things, every year, at every age:

DIET: Moon diet, fruit diet, water diet, lettuce diet, soup diet…. What the hell are you thinking about?! These things are big lies. Maybe you will lose some kilos, but you will lose vitamins, energy and happiness! If you want to look better, please don’t follow these diets! Go to a nutritionist and do the things right, with supervision, and learn healthy habits. GIRLS, life is so boring eating only soup or lettuce! There’s nothing better than a good ice cream in summer!

CLOTHES:  We save the winter clothes in a bag and we take our spring clothes out, but, of course, they are from last year. That color is not the color of this season.  That pattern in the t-shirt is not right now. The short skirts are not more in fashion, now I need long skirts.

So, we need a whole salary for our new seasonal wardrobe. We still love our short skirt from last year, but it’s no more in fashion this season. Again girl, what are you thinking? Fashion is what you like, what fits you comfortable and pretty. If you love the colour of the last spring, use it again! Don’t spend all your money, save it for nice holidays! Being fashionableis an attitude.

SUNBURNT: In Argentina, when summer comes women become crazy about the color of their skin.  People believe that a tanned skin is more beautiful and healthy. The colors of the clothes look great with a tanned skin, it’s true! But colors can look great or even better with white too.
Soon, tanning beds run out of turns. Prices increase but all buy packages of 10 sessions, nothing matters in this career to have the best colour.
Suddenly, you will see different artificial colors of skins:  Bright brown, red, orange … yes, orange! Of course men also appear in those colors too, super sexy!
The sun is dangerous, but tanning beds are more. You need to learn to tan naturally and gradually, protecting you from the rays. You do not want to have wrinkles or having stains on your beautiful skin so soon!

GYM: This is my favorite part. I’m too lazy to exercise. I start going to the gym and I leave it two months later. If you have not exercised throughout the year, what do you expect? Miracles don’t exist!  All of us register at the gym when we only have a month left put on our bikini.  We hire personal trainers and instead of going out for Tea with friends, we go out for a run in the park. How long does the paranoia of lettuce and exercise last? A month maybe and we forget it! Adopt an exercise routine throughout the year even though it is boring, as it is for me, is healthy. The ends are not good, not get obsessed with training.

Let’s enjoy this time of the year without any worries! LOVE YOURSELF

Noe Benve

I’m from Argentina, I work in marketing and advertising. I’m a 27 single girl, I’m curvy and happy with myself. I love traveling, going to movies and painting everything that cross me! I love art and I’m a faithful defender of fashion for all.

Author: Noe Benve

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