Being comfortable in your skin sometimes looks impossible. There is always something you want to change, there is always something you want to add or lose.
Honestly, I can’t remember when was the last time looked myself in the mirror and said “I, look so good tonight. God damn God damn.” Nope, I ain’t Beyonce to wake up flawless. In most of the cases I wake up looking like Shrek.

Luckily, there is this lovely little thing called makeup, which makes me, and I believe most of us girls look a little more like Beyonce and a little less like green swamp guy. I’m not saying you have to put a full make up to look good.. A little concealer, mascara and blush will do the trick. Of course, there are days when we choose to go all “nude”, and that is A – OKAY!

What in my opinion is NOT OKAY is letting someone taking control over your choices. I heard so many times guys saying “I like when a girl looks natural”. Well, guess what. We don’t really care what you “like” or “don’t like”. We care about how we feel. Makeup makes a lot of us feel more comfortable, more feminine, more attractive and that is the reason why we wear it.

You don’t drink coffee just because it is socially acceptable to drink coffee in the morning. You will drink it if you enjoy its taste, if it wakes you up or makes you feel energetic and ready to work. Someone will have one cup, someone four. In any case, it is completely individual choice.

The same situation is with makeup. If you feel like you should put more to feel comfortable, then do so. If you just need a little lipstick, that’s just fine. It is your body, own it! Never let anyone tell you what to do. Never do something you don’t want to do. Being your own person means never letting someone or something manipulate you.

Love the person you already are. I’m sure sure you are awesome!

Photo credit to our amazing photographer: Semra Sevin

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