One of my most enjoyable moments speaking to the beautiful actress Nia Peeples, known probably most recently for her role as Pam Fields on Pretty Little Liars, was  at the start of our very first conversation.“Why is that?” you may wonder. Well, it follows along the lines of the most relatable moments that I have experienced with other talented people who are in the limelight – when they do or say something that each of us can relate to.

Nia answered her phone and politely asked if she could call me back.  I’m an easy-going girl, so I said “Sure!” She then laughed and explained that it was because she had to pee! (and promised she would call me right back.)
Quickly, I explained to her that I would not publish this exchange of words, but being the open and humorous person that she is, she said, “Go ahead!  If people don’t think I have to pee, then I’m not real!” Real.  Yes, real.

Nia wanted to convey that she is real; not just someone in the media who people view on their television screens from afar and put up on a pedestal of perfection. And that is exactly the point of REglam – focusing on what makes each of us truly and real-ly beautiful.  It’s not just aesthetics. And all of this brings me to the reason why in the world we would feature Nia.

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Nia Peeples has been in the limelight for years.   As an artist and performer Nia Peeples is almost impossible to categorize, applying unmatched versatility to a successful career that has spanned over two decades. With her award-winning performances in a variety of disciplines—film, television, music, dance and even stunt work—Nia has proved herself to be both the consummate entertainer and one of those rare artists whose passionate expression actually transcends the medium.

Nia has made her biggest mark as an actor.  Nia’s musical career has been equally as diverse. Emerging as a singer/dancer of remarkable depth and power on NBC’s “Fame” she carried this momentum into her career as a successful recording artist, whose accomplishments included Top 10 Pop and Club hits, a number one Dance hit (“Trouble”), numerous Billboard and Cashbox awards, and an MTV choreography nomination. All of this while hosting MTV’s innovative “Friday Night Street Party”, Paramount’s syndicated “Nia Peeples’ Party Machine” and “Top of the Pops” on CBS, as well as developing as an eloquent songwriter, penning tunes for both herself and other chart-topping artists, contributing songs to projects like “A License to Drive”, “Melrose Place,” “The Cutting Edge” and her new animated feature, “Firedog.” Nia remains a popular musical artist, performing shows in Los Angeles, Chicago and Parma, Italy.

So, who better to speak about how people perceive perfection in Hollywood in light of her brand new holistic endeavor, the launch of her new website: Beautiful By Nia. Her website, is about living a beautiful life and learning to love the beautiful you that you are…that you are…Not a futuristic you.  Not a new and improved you.  It’s about loving yourself for the person you are right now.

“We’re all really hard on ourselves.  It has to do with the expectations that are out there socially or what we’re expected to do.  In order to love your body, I believe you begin by focusing the physical attributes that you do love; that are easy to love; the ones that are obvious,” said Nia.

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“Maybe I’ve got saggy knees, but I’ve got great elbows,” shares Nia, exemplifying how rather than dwelling on what you don’t like about yourself – it’s so much better to focus on the positive – on what you do like about yourself.

When you are and actress and audition for roles regularly, you are subject to the opinions and scrutiny of others time after time.  Actually, people judge us and size each of us up every day, too, regardless of occupation.  I asked Nia how she puts others’ views of her in perspective.

“[When auditioning], it isn’t a competition for me against other girls. Once you get good at what your skill is, if they say to me ‘ah she’s too short’ then the role they’re looking to fill is not the role for me. ‘Cause somewhere, who I am, perfectly fits something; and it’s about finding that space. You know… Meryl Streep is the most amazing actress in the world, but she is not right for every role,” says Nia. Good advice. Somewhere, who I am, perfectly fits something.

Imagine you are a puzzle piece – you can’t fit into the wrong spot; just keep on looking, because the spot that was carved out for you, exists, and it will be a perfect fit, without you trimming your edges, bending your corners, and remolding yourself into who others think you should be and how you should look.

“You have to figure out what your own standards are. I’m not going to starve myself for a role. What makes me most valuable is not that. You know, even if I were to, I’m 5’2 and I weigh about 115 pounds, if I were to get down to 103 or even under 100 pounds, which a lot of actors my height would be, it’s still focusing on a part of me that is nowhere near the important part of what makes me uniquely me.  So why bother? I think that I have so many other things to give, and that’s how it is for other people, too. I think that you have to focus on the things that are your assets and that are truly expressing the uniqueness of who you are – and that’s what makes or breaks it. That’s how you find your path,” says Nia. Nia believes in focusing her energy on her talents and not wasting her time on trying to become excellent at something she’s not really good at.  If you do that, you are wasting the talent you do have. “You know, everybody has unique talent and unique assets and unique beauty. They have their own unique thing to bring to the table and that’s what you focus on,” advises Nia. Nia believes that motivation to change oneself comes out of either self-love or self-hatred.

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“The reason that you’re reaching is gonna have a bigger effect on your success than what you’re actually reaching for. I actually believe that. If I work out, two hours a day because I love my body and I want to be able to perform a certain thing, or I wanna run a race because it’s just something I want to experience, then I’m loving myself. If I am working out two hours a day, and I feel like I have to prove to people that I can run this triathlon; that’s self-loathing. There’s a difference. Or because I think I’m fat, I need to do this. It’s just the energy with which we approach things. Are you doing what you’re doing out of self-love? Or out of self-loathing? And this is why I say, when it comes to your body, begin by pointing out and addressing the parts of you that are easy to love, that are obviously beautiful to you. The more you do that, the better you energetically feel about yourself. Then you can address the parts that you want to improve,” explains Nia.

BeautufulByNia is about living a beautiful life and learning to love the beautiful you that you are. It’s about learning to be the most beautiful you can be, and on a deeper level, the most beautiful you’ve ever been. That means we’re talking about inside and outside, all of it.

On Nia’s website she blogs about finding your beauty, enhancing your being and her daily life, and she shares recipes that nourish on the basic level.  There is also a shop where you can take away products she loves, and integrate them into your own life.  It’s her holistic and sustainable approach to beauty, body, and being. Nia speaks to doing simple things, like when you wake up in the morning, before you start running through the list of things you have to do, take 60 seconds to be grateful.

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“To really think ‘Wow, I had a great night’s sleep,’ or ‘I have an opportunity to have a beautiful day today,’ ‘I love my fingernails,’ – I don’t care what it is. Count your blessings. Count them. Count them and feel the energy of that. It’s incredibly powerful,” says Nia. She also believes in meditation and drinking loads of water as ways to feel mentally and physically good. Feeling good about yourself stems from both mental and physical health.

When it comes to nourishing one’s body from the inside out, one of Nia’s favorite ways to start the day is her special take on matcha tea, (which she sells on her site).

“I’ll have some matcha tea with almond milk, a bit of organic maple syrup in it or sweetener and a punch of pumpkin pie spice. It’s really good,” shares Nia, for those who want to copy her recipe.  “It tastes delicious, and matcha tea is so incredible because it has all these antioxidants in it, and it’s got caffeine, but it doesn’t do what coffee does, where it takes you up and then drowns you down. It helps you focus right away; and if I’m feeling sort of low in the afternoon, matcha tea is my thing.”

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With her new website and a long list of career accomplishments, it was interesting to find out that neither are the most important to her. “I would say my greatest achievement has been quite recently where I learned to let go of controlling people,” says Nia. She says she is guilty of over-helping everybody, therefore over-extending herself.  Once she learned to “let go” and find her own vibration, she found it had a positive effect on all of her relationships in her life. She feels sometimes people need to learn to help themselves, and you shouldn’t let them drag you down where you expend too much energy; being supportive when they are ready for it is better for all concerned.

“The most important relationship you can have is with yourself. And with your own source energy,” explains Nia.

In 2016 you can look forward to Nia taking a year off to travel and write.  You can follow her journeys on Beautiful By Nia, and her social media sites, as she reconnects with all of the people she’s loved, her serious relationships, starting with her high school sweetheart, and takes you on adventures with her from place to place.  Nia wants to do this because she wants to come to a place where she can love others without judgement and welcome them freely as the people they are now, and as the person she is now.  China and Italy are on her list of countries to explore, and she’s considering going to Sweden. As she finds certain unique things that she finds helpful along the way, which she thinks are wonderful, she’ll be placing them in her shop, too.          Writer: Laura Madsen

Nia’s Social Media Links:  Website Beautiful By Nia    Facebook Beautiful By Nia    Twitter @BeautifulByNia Youtube: Nia Peeples   Instagram: Beautiful By Nia

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