Every woman self criticizes: “I look fat in this,” “How could you have eaten that second piece of cake,” “My boobs are tiny.” It is no myth that we are our biggest critics. Judging ourselves comes a little too easy to us, and inner critic makes it easier for other people to assess us in a negative way.

Recovery coach Polly Mertens calls the little nagging, negative voice in our head ‘The Ms Perfect Voice’ in a recent blogpost on getbusythriving.com, her bulimia recovery website and blog.

For people struggling with eating disorders, the pesky voice of negativity is louder, practically shouting through a megaphone. There are many ways to manage the Ms Perfect Voice within, but she will always be there, we are women after all and she needs to be there to tell us to look after ourselves every now again.

Polly relates just a few ways in which to manage our Ms Perfect Voice that she discovered while attending a workshop for The Queens Code for Life, a group of workshops aiming to reveal your most radiant self and promote positive body image here http://bit.ly/1AeKNNt

  1. You must realize this voice is only in your head! She is not a real person, she is not you and her opinion is not valid.
  2. Tell her to take a walk… don’t let her consume you…if you are actively trying to fight her, she may turn it down a notch (As obvious as it seems)
  3. Only listen to that bitch when she has something nice to say!

Thanks Polly for telling us how to manage our Ms Perfect Voice

Queieting the Crazy Voice in Your Head.” PollyMertens via getbusythriving.com

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