Feeling good and appreciating ourselves every day for who we are and everything we have … there is nothing more difficult! Especially in a world set on comparing anything and everything…and especially for women who are constantly degrading themselves!

Magazine covers, advertisements, and social networks all continue to highlight women with slender bodies, beautiful hair and a ‘spotless’ lifestyle. It’s not always the truth! Women need to be aware of their own assets and realize their own true beauty…because its one of a kind! No one else has it!

In a new advertising campaign by Dove, women were interviewed about the ‘real image’ they have of their own bodies. The campaign shows what a day would be like if women talked to each other in a way similar to how we think about ourselves. It will make you think twice about judging yourself so harshly. We are our own biggest critics. It’s time for change!

Take on the #OneBeautifulThought challenge from FastCoCreate and say something kind to yourself everyday! We know its hard but its worth it! Everyday… One Beautiful Thought about yourself to build your confidence and help you shine!

We encourage girls to feel good about themselves and be proud of who they are!!

To see the video of this advertising campaign check out here → http://huff.to/1E2ZwiI

Writer: Brittany Goldfield        Twitter: @Brittany_GR

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