Organic is the New Black

Being organic and doing beauty the ‘natural’ way is the thing right now. Anyone who is anyone is asking this question: “Is that all natural/organic?” Most of us, myself included, have no idea where our beauty products come from, so when asked this question, we just kinda stare and say, “Sure, why not?” (It’s the easiest way to get out of an awkward situation, trust me!) But now, there’s finally a way to tell your friends that you’ve hopped onto this beauty standard trend! It’s called “Wonderful Skin Through Natural Ingredients”.

Doing Beauty The Natural Way

Wonderful Skin Through Natural Ingredients, or WSC for short, has a wonderful array of products ranging from massage oil, lip balm, body butter, and more! This company provides safe, natural, and effective skin care products. These products don’t contain harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfates, toxins, or ingredients that you can’t pronounce.

How It Came To Be:

A few years ago, the founder, Stephanie, of this new, innovative product had an awful allergic reaction that made her eyes swollen, red, and dry. After trying multiple lotions, she finally went organic and turned to natural butters and oils. When the organic ingredients started to work, she began mixing them together, much like a chemist, and boom! Wonderful Body Butter was born; all organic, all natural, and nothing too complicated. She shared this recipe with some of her friends, and they loved it. After this organic product that amazing results, she decided to share it with the world.

Their Promise:

A promise that comes from this company is that everything that you put onto your body will be all natural and organic; they avoid harsh chemicals and too much processing. They believe in setting goals and dedicating themselves in achievement. And they believe that simplicity is better than complication!

How do I Get It?

To get this amazing, all natural, organic product, (how many times can I say organic in this article?), head on over to  Wonderful Skin Care to learn more about this awesome product. We hope you like it! Enjoy!

Writer: Samantha Neeman

Website: Wonderful Skin Care      Twitter:@WonderfulSC    Instagram: Stephanie Tang

Facebook: Wonderful Skin care       Pinterest: Wonderful Skin Care

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