This year I met Justine Futurelle, a 30 year old Fashion Designer from the year 2070, visiting Paris Fashion Week in 2014. Her Scarlett Johansson looks struck me! As it turns out, she is Scarlett’s future granddaughter. On Ile St. Louis at La Maison Berthillon we chatted over ice cream and crepes.

A: How does the ideal woman look like in 2070?
J : I was most surprised when I saw the corpse-like silhouettes parading, tediously moving forward on the catwalks of 2014 – Feeling the show consisted of walking matchsticks: Identical, long and fragile; The woman of 2070 , or your future, is fuller and rounder. She is what you would call fully figured? Your fully figured is “our” normal.

A :  Since when is a round body the ideal of female beauty?
J : Since I can remember. Granny Scarlett used to tell me about your times, when the slender boney contour de-marked a woman’s body and was deemed as beautiful (giggling). I thought that she simply said that to make me feel better.  Now that I look at the 2014 fashion models I know she told the truth and I feel fat next to your models, Although I am considered unattractively skinny from where I come from.

A: To what extent do you think media has influenced your relationship between your body and self?
J: I was always a skinny girl and had troubles relating with the models used in our Fashion + Media Industry. Most of them are much larger than I am. Instead of growing up and accepting how my natural body-shape is, I was insecure and had a lack of self-esteem. I believe that throughout your whole life, one seeks points of references. Part of my reference points, were the round women I saw on advertisement billboard and in magazines. I dreamed of being able to change my body. If only I would be granted a wish, I would wish wider thighs or more fat around my waist…

Justine would be considered as a beautiful woman according to today’s standards at Paris Fashion Week. Nevertheless she is unhappy as 2070 dictates a rounder female body. Whatever it is, women have a difficult time finding common grounds with what is expected of them and what they naturally are. At NEW Fashion Magazine we believe that a woman with a healthy balanced lifestyle represents the women of our times.

Writer: Adriana Verhagen       Twitter: @AdrianaVerhagen

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