When you think of Autumn, you think of festive colours, such as oranges, greens and dark berry shades, right? So why not update your wardrobe to fit the season?

Wedged ankle boots, thick layered tights and duster coats are the trend this year along with mini/midi skirts. Pair this with a white collared blouse and why not go all out with a dark berry lip? Perfect for this season. When it comes to this look any one can wear it because when it comes to skirts they are there to enhance your natural body image, rather than cover it up.

If you feel a little less confident one day, you can put a coat over the top if you desire. If you have a petite figure and you feel like this outfit will just drown you, then the wedged ankle boots are perfect because they will make your legs look and feel longer.This will then make you stand out from the rest.

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