Part 3: Because you deserve to be healthy.

Now that I’m done telling you about the technical part of pilates I won’t lie to you, nothing is easy, when I was started, I knew nothing about all that stuff and thought that was a piece of cake. The first lesson apart from a revelation was a little awkward because all the others in the class were many steps ahead of me but I was determined not to give up this time. After a month the first results on my body were starting to be obvious but the best part was that I took control of my body, not the opposite and through the right breathing, my anxiety levels dropped. Now after 4 years, I’m a new, strong person and that first lesson always makes me laugh, me and my teacher. The only thing you have to do is to put pilates in your life because its principles can change your life. And don’t forget, you have one body and you have to be with it not against it, you have to be proud of your body because everyone deserves to be beautiful, inside and outside.

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