New year, new goals and new thoughts

It’s a new year! A new year for fashion, for beauty and for you! As we are over two months into 2016, people will be settling into their day to day routines, whether they are old or new routines with some New Years resolutions thrown into the mix. Some of us may need a little pick-me-up after one of the biggest holiday seasons of the year. So this is what the article will be….your little positive body image pick-me-up for going into this New Year confident and loving yourself.

I, like many others made a resolution this year to “get healthier” (a slightly vague resolution I know). The reason I made this resolution is because it’s true that when you put goodness into something, then that something will show goodness too. So by putting the good foods into your body, you will start to feel good and this will be reflected into showing good too. This will come in different forms for different people, some may feel more confident whereas others may gain an energy boost they’ve been needing.

Did you know social media can help you stick to your plans and goals?

However, the hardest part of any resolution is to stick with it throughout the year. So here are a few psychological tips I’ve found helpful to staying on track with a healthier life style: Use social media in a positive way that will help you! – What I mean by this is that it can be helpful to get reminders in different social media feeds of a new change in your life style that you want to keep up. As most of us will go onto social media daily, the people/accounts we choose to “follow” can therefore have a subconscious effect on our own lives; however subtle it may be. The way I’ve found most helpful is by following the Instagram accounts which are full of healthy food pics! I’ve been loving a few, but recently can’t stop looking at the healthy-clean-times account, I would definitely recommend you give it a follow!
The next thing you can do is buy some new products that will make your healthy eating journey more fun! From a new salad bowl to one of the on trend fruit infuser water bottles. The psychology to this tip is that when we make a purchase on something, the decision comes from logical facts (thinking about what you need the purchase for) as well emotional impulses from the brain. So by buying something new to help you eat healthier, emotional connections will be made in your brain and therefore will increase your chance of using the product for its healthy food purpose!  And my final tip is choose one thing you want to start doing, for example: do exercise every morning/drink more water/get used to eating healthier foods. It takes 21 days to make a habit (as it does to break a habit too), so keep persevering and it will become something that will fit into your new routine, I promise!

2015 was an exiting year

Overall 2015 has been a year influenced by 90’s style, with off the shoulder tops and front buttoned denim skirts. However, it was also a big year for social media. As we started to see social media and internet graphics integrate within fashion on a much closer level than ever before. From emoji print pyjama bottoms to internet slang prints on hats and t-shirts, 2015 was definitely a year of joining the old with the new in terms of fashion.But what did 2015 do for positive body image? The answer is both bad and good things. Let’s start with the good. In 2015 we saw a rise in plus sized models for the runway and as mannequin models, furthermore the cosmetics company MAC became part of a ground breaking step in positive body image when they selected a plus sized model to be in the video for their MACnificent Me campaign; which was a really positive step. However, 2015 was the year of Instagram in the social media world, and with that came lots of posts in our feeds with sponsors and promotions on products to achieve unrealistic #bodygoals, and therefore something which doesn’t support a healthy body image. Due to people being inundated with these images, an article was published in 2015 by the CNN which talked about how children as young as 5 years old are concerned with their own body image.
So what can be done in 2016?

Let’s make the change and be the change

I think that 2016 needs to be a year where a healthy body image and lifestyle is given a boost in promotion via all social media platforms, as it seems that children of a younger and younger age are having their own social media accounts, where they are going to be exposed to images which may cause them body image issues from a young age. This also means that talking about body image needs to happen with children of a younger age to try and prevent issues such as low self-esteem, eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorders. One way this can be done is by talking about how someone feels instead of how they look or how they think they look, it can bring positive benefits such as higher self-esteem and self-awareness, combating the negative effects of promoting an unrealistic body image.

Over all I am excited about what this year will bring, for fashion, beauty and body image. Most of all I hope more and more people will start to see the true beauty of their individuality and learn to love their true selves. Remember…we are all perfectly imperfect, and that’s ok!           – Writer Charlotte Spivack –

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