CHECK IT OUT! Erin McKelle, a feminist activist & writer for top trending media sites, wrote an article that mentioned REglam & on top, gave us an official VIP pass into her empowering world.

How did being a writer change your life in positive ways?
Erin: Before I was floating through life. Writing opened the whole world up for me. It gave me more self-confidence, and now I know who I really am. I love myself more and more, and I have positive relationship with myself. When I am creating, I don’t feel the need to ED. Between the ages of 13-18 I was in ED therapy and I admitted the problem and that is how I managed it.

Did this give you a sense of validation, one that wasn’t focused on body image, but still made you become healthier and happier?
Erin: Most of the time, people who have mental health issues think they are a burden, and people are pretending to like you. On the contrary, other people see me as having it all together. I hide behind my work. Work gives me valuation, but some advice is to let go of perfectionism.

Do you think ED people have an obsessive streak to them?
Erin: People who have ED often have an obsessive personality, like myself. I channel my energy into something productive, which opens up great responses to my work. I find that the more personal I write, the more feedback I get. Both feminism and body image are subjects I care about. However I’m always at my best with enough sleep.

How do you think did social media served as a platform for your unique voice?
Erin: Social media allowed me to connect to feminist and activist readers as well as other writers! It is my best networking tool. It has forced the public to acknowledge outvoted communities and changed the conversation, which before was led by figure heads in media.

How important do you think are body positive sites like REglam?
Erin: So important! They help change the way society thinks about body image. Without them, no progress would have been made. I no longer have to explain what body positivity is.

What effects on self-perception do blogs like REglam have on body-positivity?
Erin: Fashion media talks about fashion in a negative way and it only portrays 5% of the population. Most people who see these images are warping their perceptions. Sites like these are showing people that makeup isn’t a necessity, but rather it can empower you!

Do you think that victim blaming is happening for ED people in the public, for example, when it comes to health insurance and resources?
Erin: Working through an eating disorder is always placed on the patient. Victim blaming comes about when the person in trouble gets blamed for not taking resources because they lack health insurance, or they simply don’t have financial access to them.

You said, one of the side affects of not being able to be open with your issue makes you feel less worthy, so, you look for love in all of the wrong places.
Erin: Yes, you think something is wrong with you, and can create this toxic cycle of shame and blame. That’s probably why so many people with eating disorders have been in abusive relationships. We need to learn how to accept and love ourselves and realize that our issues are not our fault. In fact, we’re brave for fighting them.

What would be an ideal world for you?
Erin: A world where everyone could live their truth and live without shame or guilt. The importance of peace, and justice would be cultivated by all and we would all be able to connect on deeper levels without running into social norms.

Talented McKelle starts in August to travel & work online as a writer and social media consulting. Please don’t hesitate to contact her for booking and contacting purposes below. REglam has worked with Erin and can full heartedly recommend her!

Photographer: Semra Sevin

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