Recently, I read a blog post about nude lipsticks and how not everyone suits the “nude lip” trend. I couldn’t have agreed more with this blog post, and it made me think of other trends people feel accustom to becoming a part of. The definition of a fashion trend is: A certain style in fashion or entertainment which is popular at a certain point in time. So why, as humans, do we feel the need to join in on trends which may only last a season?

Our brains love new trends because they are just that, new and exciting. Any new stimulus we experience through one of our five senses is addressed by our brains to assess the benefits it may offer us. The benefit of encountering a new piece of fashion is a neuronal payoff, meaning it gives us a feel good factor of experiencing something that we like and want to be a part of. Novelty also aids our learning, as being presented with something new enhances our cognitive processes which are involved in learning.

For example, our working memory (giving something our attention, so that it can be processed and enter our long term memory), visual processes (looking at images of new trends in magazines or on runways), and problem solving (how is that item of clothing made like that?) are all used in the process; Even though you may not be completely aware of it.

Wearing the exact copy of a trend is often motivated by a desire to fit in, which in turn makes you feel really fashion current. Copying a trend piece for piece also hides insecurities you may have, this may be with you body shape or not knowing what fashion pieces work best on you, as it’s much easier to copy the of-the-moment trend then it is to really assess the sort of fashion garments that work best with your body shape.

What you wear is part of how you can give people a true reflection of yourself! So how is a world of ever changing trends going to do that?

I think it is possible to have the best of both worlds when it comes to fashion & beauty trends, here is how!: the trick is to take a step back and look at yourself individually to assess whether a particular fashion piece brings out the best in you. If it doesn’t that’s ok, it just means you have to do a bit of digging to discover the perfect piece for you, which still has a link to the trend you want to be a part of.

Going back to the lipsticks I mentioned at the start of this article; there are many nude lip shades, so try and find one that suits your lips natural colour, and don’t feel like you have to get a certain shade of nude that your celebrity idol, or best friend has got. That shade may look great on them, but you may suit a different one, and that’s ok!

It’s all about picking out the trends that work for you, giving you a concrete identification of your look!

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