What Are Timeless Pieces Of Fashion? 

In this article I want to give some credit and appreciation to timeless pieces of fashion, and talk about what they are and why I think should be staples in your wardrobe, by giving some psychology facts.
If we think about the word timeless, what do we mean? Does the little black dress come to your mind? Or maybe something a bit more modern. Although a fashion garment being timeless has a worldwide effect which can take years to achieve, I also believe that a timeless bit of fashion can be very personal to you. Maybe timeless to you is a jumper your granny used to wear, or something you bought from a vintage store. Because of this it’s the ideas we hold about a piece of fashion that give us confidence when wearing it, playing a part in creating a positive image about ourselves.

Psychology Facts On Garment

However, I think the word timeless can sometimes scare people away from purchasing or even wearing a fashion piece, as they may think they can’t “pull that look off” (as I’ve heard said times before ) or they may even think it’s a bit old fashioned. The truth is that everyone has days where they want to just pick something out and know they will feel good and therefore look good without lots of effort being put in, and sometimes that means being a bit braver with a fashion choice, as you won’t know how you will feel until you try that garment on!

Unconscious Fashion Choices

An example of a staple some may have is the classic black dress. Psychologically, when we see someone wear a timeless piece such as this we may think it looks “classic”, which is due to recognizing the novelty of the piece and associating it with something else we might like e.g. a film such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s, where the black dress is very recognizable. This association can go even further, for example the actress Audrey Hepburn and the black dress can be associated together, so if someone likes the actress, it is very likely they will like the fashion she wore too. All of these unconscious processes, result in that positive feeling we get from seeing something we like and which is also recognizable to us.

The Beauty Of Timelessness

That’s the beauty of the pieces, they are timeless for a reason. That reason being that throughout the years and change in beauty ideals, these pieces have remained constant even when reinvented, you can still recognize the original piece within them. So if you are someone who thinks they can’t pull off a timeless piece of fashion, ignore the psychology facts going through your head, and go for it!

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Photo by: Geneva Vanderzeil

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