Commonly referred to as “fat shaming”, bullying individuals that weigh more then the social norm, is a trending phenomenon, a “shame game” that creates an un-fair hierarchy of what is considered beautiful, acceptable and cool.

In an interview with photographer Liora K by (A project management consultancy that also endeavors to promote positive social change), Liora discusses feminism and the concept of putting real and non – photoshopped bodies into the fashion spotlight.

Here at REglam, we want girls and women of all sizes to feel comfortable in their skin, feel comfortable to wear the clothes they want and feel comfortable being confident and glamorous. “Fat Shaming” is on the rise now with the constant updates to social media and the increasing number of social media platforms available. It needs to stop! Bullying or “fat shaming” does not encourage weightloss, it’s counter-productive.

As advocates for healthy body image, we were so inspired by this campaign! Check it out!

Writer: Diane Ferraro of UrbanSiren  and her Twitter

Photo credit: Liora K Photography

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